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Something about 34

Something about 34

August 7 2021
Bonjour everyone, I hope you’ve been gently and safely easing back to the outside world! It’s bee...
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Slow Living pt. 1 - Work from home 101

February 15 2021
Many of us will soon celebrate their one-year anniversary of working from home, at least in one ...
No pants day, everyday

No pants day, everyday

January 28 2021
When trying to find some perks to being homebound, one of the things on the top of my head would be the freedom of dressing down, and in many cases, forgo pants altogether. 
Zoom outfit

An ode to the zoom outfit: Easy ways to look smart when working from home

January 17 2021
Ah! The zoom era! Also known as the golden age of upper-body elegance and lower-body comfort. It’s also the time where zoom-fatigue became an actual thing…
"Are you ok?"

"Are you ok?"

January 7 2021
The past year has tested the limits of our relationships. And our latest national lockdown means...
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Hello 2021 - A Note of Thanks

January 1 2021
We hope you’ve been enjoying the holidays to the best extent possible. And to end this crazy, crazy year, we are eager to thank you for your incredible support and start 2021 on this positive note of love & kindness.
New Year, New Me?

New Year, New Me?

December 30 2020
Oh, January! Time for cold weather, post-holiday blues, and … New Year's resolutions! But what if we took a minute to rethink our approach to the "New Year, New me" obsession?
The one with the lockdown Christmas.

The one with the lockdown Christmas.

December 23 2020
With no large gatherings in sight, you are maybe thinking this is not the year to out your shiniest of outfits. But what if it was? Because after all, who said that you couldn't dress up for yourself!