The one with the lockdown Christmas.

The one with the lockdown Christmas.

And that’s a wrap for the season! Thanks to all who have supported our tiny shop throughout this wild year. It’s been real folks, and we could not have done it without you.


Now it is time for us to take a little break, and we are looking forward to getting a little festive! Given the current state of things, we are getting ready to safely celebrate the much-needed end of this year by marking the occasion, solo party or not.


With no large gatherings in sight, you are maybe thinking this is not the year to out your shiniest of outfits. But what if it was? Because after all, who said that you couldn't dress up for yourself!


After the rollercoaster year of 2020, now is the perfect time to unwind and spend quality moments with yourself (and a select few if your tier allows it 👀). Will it be just your partner and yourself celebrating New Year's Eve this season, or maybe a Zoom countdown to midnight for a tech savvy NYE? Definitely no big crowd to impress or fancy venue to shine in. But at Maison Asaē, we do not believe it should mean that you cannot bring out a little light, or a little lightness, into your outfit.


The easiest way to turn a simple outfit into a festive one is to add that extra pizzazz. Got a little black dress? Add a dramatic necklace and diva earrings! Your evening has become a party for one. Another general rule of thumb for this very special holiday season: any piece in your closet that you might have felt was too precious, too expensive, or too extravagant to be worn outside can now make its grand debut! At Maison Asaē we do love a closet full of durable pieces and vintage gems. Bring out that special piece that you’ve been saving and pair it with your fanciest slippers to mark the occasion.


Oh yes, this is the year people, you can finally be your most glamorous self without giving up on comfort! That 1980s sparkly dress from your mother that you've kept for a decade in the back of your closet has finally found a time to shine without a scare of wardrobe malfunction! Time to turn on the old-timey bangers and go wild in your living room. Or if you'd rather cozy up softly, dim the lights and set up your favorite soul record. Dancing with yourself is always a good idea. Want to show your moves in the antique silk kimono you’ve been saving to waft around the house? Even better!


Although sometimes you might not really feel like getting up and dancing. Maybe you'd rather be hugging yourself in a cozy jumper, drinking hot cocoa in front of a Christmas movie. Honestly, you don't even have to dress up at all. You've made it through the year and that's enough to give yourself a big hug.


Sending our love & warm wishes for the holidays 💫

Stay safe <3

xx MA

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