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RUS is the brainchild of two sisters offering long-lasting high quality pieces for the nonconformist muses of now and inspiring women to curate their wardrobe thoughtfully, layering pieces in infinite ways.


RUS is part of a global movement that believes in selecting rather than accumulating, producing garments meant to be rediscovered season after season.


Drawing their inspiration from the fluidity of nature, with its colour schemes and exquisite shapes, the duo also infuses their love of art, architecture and design in their timeless pieces. Focusing on creating the most sumptuous knitwear, RUS is born from that sensorial world, from tactile and visual experiences. In an aim to slow down the pace of consumption and working towards building a wardrobe that transcends seasons, the emphasis in craftsmanship is essential to the brand.  With longevity in mind, they design high quality products by selecting considered materials and techniques causing as little damage as possible along the way.