An ode to the zoom outfit: Easy ways to look smart when working from home

Zoom outfit

Ah! The zoom era! Also known as the golden age of upper-body elegance and lower-body comfort. It’s also the time where zoom-fatigue became an actual thing… But not to worry, I’ve found significant ways to counter it and will share with you the little things I found particularly useful to boost my self-confidence when working yet another day, from the home desk! And one of those things is wearing dashing and daring outfits that remain comfy and zoom-appropriate. Here are my tips on how to dress smart in the upper-body area while remaining comfortable when working from home. 


zoom fatigue


 For the top: A statement jewel near your face 

I will never stress this enough. The key to an outstanding outfit is a strong piece of jewellery that will take any leisurely wear to the next level. If you’re feeling like delicious fun, you can spice up your zoom meeting with dashing earrings, like a pair of wild japaleño and citrusy gold lemon drops  by Sandralexandra. Or would you rather dress to impress? Try this impressively-sized square-shaped crystal necklace from Scho. Statement pieces such as this one are easy to style with any classic top. They will immediately give an impression of edginess and professionalism, which is the best we can hope for in a zoom meeting... 


For the bottom: Keeping a cosy trouser

Now that you have a fun piece that’s in the span of your camera, you still have to find some perk to working from home. Here come the fuzzy sweatpants 🦥 The cosy leggings 🦦 The eternal tracksuit! It is, however, not advised to wear the same PJs all week long. In order to keep your lower body warm while maintaining a spark of dignity, I personally prefer to wear a smart pair of bottoms made of comfortable knitted or jersey fabric. The Coulisse flared sweatpants from NEUL  give a special edge to the idea of “leisure-wear”, or should I say “lockdown-wear”? No one will believe you’re wearing sweatpants if they catch you wearing these, and there you’ll be, wearing a perfectly cosy/smart piece. 




Thinking global: A total sustainable knitwear outfit 

In a different style but following the same idea of comfortable yet elegant outfits, you can bet on a total look in a knitted fabric. A structured top and a wide leg bottom will keep you warm while maintaining a highly professional look. In this line, we can mention the Hashi trousers and the Koppu jumper from Rus. The merino wool will keep you warm in the wintertime while the strong structure and bold aqua tones make you look like a stone-cold professional. In a more flowy design, a soft tone rib knit jumper with a matching maxi flowy skirt by Diarte makes for a laidback, yet elegant look. The bicolour details will give you that edge and you will feel instantly good for wearing an outfit that has been 100% ethically made. It is easy to mix and match, too! Because it’s so important to be able to change up the outfits, even if we can’t leave the house. For example, I find that zoom fatigue can be countered by changing outfits depending on my current task. I like dressing up for meetings in the morning, slipping into my sweatpants after lunch and, in the evening, getting ready for my walk to the couch in a lush pyjama. Yes ladies, now is the time for our lingerie & nightwear collection to shine! Don’t have one yet? Support indies like our favourite Tallulah Lingerie and her impressive selection of silks and cottons. She’ll find you anything from the perfect pair of “Netflix movie night” Pj to that sexy little thing for a night of lockdown romance.


zoom party

I hope that this small exploration of my remote-work environment and these styling tips will bring a bit of lightness in these stressful times. The important thing is to remain sane and safe, and looking good for zoom might not be the most crucial thing, but it’s a good start. 

Take good care of yourself! Til next time.



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