Hello 2021 - A Note of Thanks

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We hope you’ve been enjoying the holidays to the best extent possible. And to end this crazy, crazy year, we are eager to thank you for your incredible support and start 2021 on this positive note of love & kindness.


Reflecting on our first year (and a half), we have to admit it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster, but foremost, an especially challenging time for all small businesses around the world. As we are all trying to make it through, now is an important moment to show our gratitude to all of you who have supported us in oh so many ways!


As some of you may already know, our shop is tiny (pocket sized even!) and makes a point of working with small independents or family-owned brands. Our philosophy is one of curating beautiful pieces and tailoring each experience to our lovely customers. And as would say my good friend Nicola (aka the fabulous Tallulah Lingerie): “Did you know that every time you buy from a small business, a real person makes a little happy dance?”


When you shopped small this year and this holiday season, you directly contributed to the livelihood of real people who aim to source, design, and curate pieces thoughtfully and with care so that each one of your newly purchased item will have true meaning. Every single act of kindness made such a difference, whether you shared, liked, followed, messaged, bought or simply came by to say hi, your support is everything! And this is why we’re writing this post: to thank you. Thank you for taking the time to step back and really looking through our collections to find meaningful pieces that will become part of your life story. Thank you for standing by small businesses when they have been facing this significant existential challenge, while chances are the situation has taken a toll on you too. This year has demonstrated in the most extreme ways the crucial place of solidarity in our worldand solidarity is what you have shown us. Every small gesture counts, every purchase you've made has had a true impact. And I hope with all my heart that every item which left our tiny shop, every post we have chosen for you on our Instagram, every conversation we’ve had, everything we’ve brought to you with Maison Asaē has, in some way or another, brought a little light to your day in these trying times.


Thank you for showing up, couldn’t have done it without you <3


With love,


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