Cotorra - Handwoven short cotton kimono


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Cotorra - Handwoven short cotton kimono
Cotorra - Handwoven short cotton kimono

Brand. Cotorra

Colour. Stone grey

This soft cotton Kimono jacket is handmade from 100% cotton and aims for style and comfort.

Designed in Barcelona and sewn in Izmir, Turkey by local artisans - following traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Primarily designed as a beachwear and outerwear item, Stone can also be worn as the perfect loungewear piece due to its comfortable fit and soft material.

Cotorra holds the ÖkoTex100 certificate, indicating that no harmful substances are used in their production process.

Wash with items of similar colour, use cold to warm water and a delicate cycle. We recommend hanging to dry.


100% Cotton

Made in Turkey


Cotorra's journey started while driving through the Aegean region of Turkey, where you could find the most select cotton for decades. There, they encountered small manufacturers and the ateliers of local artisans of beautiful hand-woven fabrics.

Working with these rare fabrics and middle eastern patterns they became passionate about the idea of combining them with exceptional craftsmanship and their own bespoke designs, eventually creating a unique and sustainable fashion concept.

By choosing their production sites personally to guarantee a consistent high standard of working conditions they offer an ethical mindset through their production and packaging where they follow a fair and transparent price policy towards their customers, artisans and manufacturers.  .

All of their authentic Turkish fabrics are still made in their traditional way - crafted from natural fibres and flat woven, resulting in an extremely absorbent and soft texture to guarantee the most distinguished experience and long-lasting life. Using premium cotton with extra-long fibres results in a stronger and smoother cotton thread. This characteristic makes the fabrics become even softer and more absorbent with successive use and washing.

Every single product holds the ÖkoTex100 Certificate, indicating that no harmful substances were used during the production process.


Cotorra - Handwoven short cotton kimono
Cotorra - Handwoven short cotton kimono


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Kimono sizing chart:

All of our antique kimonos are one of a kind and were made to measure for their previous owner so sizes will vary. You can find on each kimono description their specific fit and measurements. 

Authentic Japanese kimonos will always be long in length as they are meant to be folded under the obi belt when worn in the traditional way. We offer alteration services should you wish to have your kimono custom made to your height.

Haori jackets are the "cardigans" of the kimono so they are always shorter in length and will arrive about hip length to over the knee for taishō era ones. 

Nagajuban kimonos are the underlayer to the heavier silk kimonos and will often be midi length and therefore wouldn't need altering if wearing as outerwear. They are less adorned than actual kimonos but have a beautiful fit in a lightweight silk.