The Late Late show - A gift guide

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The holidays are about to end, and yet you're still short of a present for an important person in your life. You are looking for a meaningful gift and would like to shop small for ethical reasons, but you'd rather buy online for sanitary and practical ones. Worry not, you're in the right place to find the perfect long-lasting gift in this late late guide.


Before we go on with the list, a little bit more about us: Maison Asaē is a pocket sized shop which hand picks treasures from vintage collections and small brands with ethical designs, sourcing and manufacturing. This means real love goes into the making your gift. This makes it all the more special. We believe in carefully selecting pieces rather than consuming them, and that presents are meant to be used and loved for a long time. Now, let's get to it.


For a woman who likes her comfort: the Makura soft rib jumper by RUS

This is a highly-recommended gift for your better half. A top-selling item, you know it is incredibly cozy and will make its owner happy for many seasons. The mohair knit comes in a soft pale blue colour and will remind you of the warmth of a homey fireplace even in the dead of winter. This soft rib jumper is made in Portugal with the softest Italian yarns, and was designed by two sisters who put the emphasis on sustainable knitwear and traditional craftsmanship in order to accomplish it. Perfect for cozy days ahead!


For the little ones: the winter haori jacket by Aomamé

This comfy jacket will keep the smallest in the family warm and cozy for the winter! The soft fleece makes it perfect for children to face the cold. Outside, the sakura (light pink from the cherry blossom) shade has a particular place in our heart, but it also comes in yamato navy blue and kiku turmeric yellow. Each jacket is handmade in Paris by Keiko san, and each piece is one of a kind. The collar features vintage Japanese textile and references the traditional Japanese haori style of the jacket. This is a perfect, sustainable gift for children aged 0 to 4.

 baby haori aomamé

For tea lovers: the antique Japanese tea set

This is a beautiful set that will go a long way for real lovers of tea and amateurs of Japanese porcelain. Containing a teapot, a hot water refill chaucer and six cups, it is made of traditional Aritaware porcelain and dates back to the early 20th century. It is a delicate gift with its own history, and it is a very special piece for real tea connoisseurs and Japan lovers alike.

 antique japanese porcelain tea set

For the hot and fiery friend: the Red jalapeño earring by Sandralexandra

Coming in the form of a single or a pair, these earrings are perfect gifts for the spicy personalities in our lives! You can mix and match with other fruits and vegetables — lemons, pak choi, or peas. For some extra shine, there is also a 18k gold-plated version of the lemons and peas. Fun and luxury are in a special way! This jewellery is handmade and designed with love by Sandralexandra, a London based, Spanish designer who will provide you with all the vitamins you need for the new year ahead.


For the extra frosting: the Bonjour crystal necklace by Scho

This statement piece will not go unnoticed. Made in Seoul by Sarah Cho, a well-traveled Korean-born designer who draws inspiration from Namibian culture, this necklace features a large Swarovski pendant on a silver choker. In a midnight shade or a clear one, this gift will sparkle up your New Year and you will want to wear it all of 2021.


We hope this list helps you with your late holiday shop. In case you need ideas for smaller gifts, you can also consult our gift under £100 edit. A big thank you again for shopping small this Christmas and we wish you a wonderful end of the year festivities.

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