💘 A Valentine Special 💘

Valentine's day 2021 fran fine in the nanny
This week we are celebrating all kinds of love around the world, and Valentine’s day 2021 feels all the more important when connexions to our loved ones are being forced into the virtual world.
No matter if it’s a small gesture or a grand gift, sending love on this special occasion doesn’t have to be a cliché (Heart-shaped chocolates and a dozen red roses anyone?) So let’s skip past the classic Vday commercial trap that most mega retailers try to promote and go straight to the interesting part of this holiday: LOVE. We believe this special day creates the perfect occasion to show up for all the people we love and adore by getting them something that will have true meaning and could become part of their life story, big or small. 
And remember, it's the thought that counts 💌 a handwritten love note or even a single flower has never failed to warm someone’s heart. These are the small gestures of love and connexion that we all crave for in these strange times. 
Sharing the love is a beautiful, much needed thing in this crazy crazy world we live in, but don’t forget about loving yourself in the process. We never stop repeating this: Self Love is the best love ❤️ So why not treat yourself to that little something you've been eyeing for months. After this past year, we all deserve a little tlc.
And when by the same occasion, you can support your favourite small businesses and local shops, what’s not to love? 
So here are some of our suggestions for this Valentine’s 2021 edition:
  • Aim for softness
Think something soft and warm to be worn on cold winter days working from home all the way to an evening of cosying up in front of a feel-good movie. The beautiful warmth of a quality knit can feel like that soft hug we wish we could do irl. Till then…
  • Floral love
From a single stem to that jumbo bouquet, flowers are a definite crowd pleaser. I regularly get a small bunch of blooms for myself to brighten up a grey day or bring a bit of joy to my home. Here are some of my favourite London based florists that offer deliveries to their locals and sometimes nationwide:
Untitled Flowers (Islington)
My Lady Garden (London)
Gloria Studio (Nationwide)
Petalon (Nationwide)
Looking for the perfect combo? Pair your bouquet with a pretty vintage vase 💐
  • Bring some sparkle
Sometimes, we need a little sparkle in our lives. After a year of dressing down and no pants days, treating ourselves or our loved one to a special piece of jewellery might just be the right thing to do. These pretty sparkles are to be enjoyed profusely in or out of lockdown, and will make for a most dramatic effect on any social or professional zoom call.
  • Vintage glamour
As for looking fabulous on the night, whether you have a zoom date with your galentines or a candlelit dinner at home with your other half, bring out your fanciest slippers and dress to impress in an antique kimono. Truly unique pieces like these make for the most perfect self-love treats. Each kimono comes with its share of history and craftsmanship that will leave you feeling incredibly glamorous.
Amazingly versatile, they can be worn for wafting around the house or going out for cocktails. Shorter versions also look fantastic on jeans or summer dresses alike. And if you're feeling cheeky this Valentine's, head to Tallulah's boudoir to get yourself some beautiful lingerie to wear under. Surprise, surprise.
  • The foodie’s gift
For that special someone you don’t know how to shop for, a lush food hamper could be the perfect gift. I’ve started doing some personalised ones over Christmas to send to family and friends and they’ve been a total success. My go-to hamper would be from my local Italian deli (a mini panettone, some marcona almonds or juicy caperberries, yum) or a French hamper from our friends at le Coq Epicier in Camden Passage. I love to hand pick my favourites with them and it all gets beautifully wrapped up in a box, ready to be delivered to your loved one’s doorstep. Le Coq Epicier is also great at choosing the perfect wine to go with your selection.
For the sweet tooth, a decadent cake with a personalised message or fresh flowers could be the dream. My favourite London patisserie are Coven bakery and Aprils baker for that work of art frosting, Violet’s bakery for the most delicious banana cake (their Amalfi lemon & elderflower frosted cake is also to die for...) and for letterbox brownies and fantastic Vegan options, go to Hebe Konditori to try their dreamy creations.
  • Anything pink & spicy
Forget what I said before, a little cliché never hurt anybody (she says stuffing her face with Marcolini heart chocolates while typing this guide 💁🏻‍♀️) so here is our selection of everything pink n' hot that will please even the most hardcore romantics like myself. Hope you enjoy 💘
Thiara perfume from £56.                         
French Opaline vase £68                         
Pea in a pod earrings £75
Wherever you are in the world, sending much love your way xx

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