Apotheke perfumes - The Lover 50ml


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Apotheke perfumes - The Lover 50ml
Apotheke perfumes - The Lover 50ml

Brand: Apotheke Perfumes

Size: 50ml

Those of you that got The Lover in their perfume reading are passionate and obsessive. You demand a fragrance that projects into the room announcing your arrival, and then lingers on the bedsheets days after you’ve left. The Lover perfume contains natural styrax, which in nature, oozes from a tree, entrapping all that comes close. The woodsy depths are offset by a cocktail of sweet musks and Iso E Super, which cause the brain to react as it would to an overdose of pheromones.
Vegan, cruelty-free and sustainably made.


Top: Blonde cedar, Cassis, Sweet musk

Heart: Natural styrax, Pheromone notes, Iso E Super

Base: Natural patchouli, Natural sandalwood, Natural ho-wood, Vanilla


Introducing this wonderful perfume brand which dives in the psychological and emotional dimension of scent. Each perfume is designed in Berlin and made in Grasse (the perfume capital of the world) from the finest natural oils, and most cutting-edge molecules. Each hand-poured perfume is vegan, cruelty-free, and made in small-batch runs to avoid waste.


Discover the collection and its unique aromatherapeutic effect.


The Dreamer: Euphoric, promotes feelings of love and elation
The Thinker: Contemplative, encourages inspiration and focus
The Traveller: Meditative, relaxes and cleanses negative energy
The Lover: Aphrodisiac, promotes feelings of lust and obsession

Apotheke perfumes - The Lover 50ml
Apotheke perfumes - The Lover 50ml